Wintermission Flashcards

View down a road with snow falling and cars covered in snow
Winter Cities Tool Badge
Winter Cities Tool Badge

About this tool

The Wintermission Flashcards are winter-themed flashcards to spark thinking about how to improve public spaces during the coldest, darkest months of the year.

Each card contains an image on one side and description of the image/idea on the other side. The downloadable PDF file is designed to be printed double sided.




Time Frame

5 minutes or more


Group Size




In a workshop setting, and pop-up engagements


Focus Areas

Cities, neighbourhoods, streets, parks and public spaces


Age Group

5 and up


Materials List

1. Flash cards

2. Pens

3. Markers

You can use these cards any way you like. In most cases, we leave them out in a pile to serve as reference images during workshops or pop-up engagements and in combination with other brainstorming activities.

If you will be using the cards on more than one occasion, we recommend printing and laminating them.